Extend, Customize or Integrate your Tally to meet specific Business need

Tally is not only an application, but also a complete development environment which enables the programmers to build extensions, customization and integrations using Tally Definition Language (TDL). TDL allows programmers to build a faster application without compromising on Speed, Reliability or data Integrity, which is core to Tally.


Extensions are new functionality built over default Tally Features. You can extend Tally.ERP 9 with more than 800+ ready-to-plug-in extensions. You can enhance your business by adding a feature, functionality, office productivity tools and so on by adding the extensions available in ‘Tally Shop’.

Choose from an entire range of add-ons across 17 categories such as Invoicing, Workflow Management, Business Verticals, Alerts & Controls, and many more. All it takes is ONE CLICK and the Add-on is streamed into your PC, installed, licensed and immediately available for use! Buy, Install, Use…in seconds!

Starting from Rs.283, you can now easily locate, evaluate and buy these extensions from within Tally.ERP 9 or from Tally Shop.


Looking for feature or functionality to meet your unique business requirement? Build it for your business in a way you want. Tally Definition Language (TDL) provides complete flexibility and power to customise the solutions for complex business requirements with ‘Power of simplicity’. As a Tally Partner, We are Trained and Certified to build new capabilities and functionalities to meet your business requirements.


Tally.ERP 9 has been designed to provide the extensive integration capabilities which enable businesses to build cross-platform solutions without compromising data integrity and reliability. Thus, empowering business to seamlessly interact with multiple applications or software systems.

Integration capabilities in Tally allow two-way data transfer, which means pulling data out from Tally database or pushing data to Tally is as easy as it could ever get. Tally allows integration between applications/databases in two modes:

  • Online Mode
    • Tally to Tally
    • Tally to External Application and Vice Versa
    • Tally to web Services
  • Offline Mode
    • Export and Import of multiple formats of Data