A highly innovative automated and user-friendly software, Saral TDS incorporates all the major changes making it the most reliable and sought after software in the industry. Filing of TDS and TCS electronically has never been easier, with the use of Saral TDS software. One can file the returns as per the provisions of IT Act. The software is supported with dedicated support system and time-to-time seminars/trainings across India. The users of software include Chartered Accountants, Large Corporates, Ltd and Pvt Ltd Companies, Nationalized Banks, TIN Facilitation centers, and any more.

Features of Saral TDS

  • Quarterly statements of TDS and TCS, with built-in FVU.
  • Correction statements from data downloaded from TIN website.
  • Certificate generation (Form 16, 16A and 27D) including data import from TIN website*
  • Electronic Returns and Digital Signing of TDS certificates
  • Automated Tax Calculation for Salaries and Non-Salaries
  • Threshold limit check for each transaction
  • Automatic SMS* and Letters for PAN requests / confirmation
  • Import/Export data from Excel / Text / FVU / .TDS formats
  • Vast MIS reports for Deductions, Challans and various practical scenarios.
  • Automated Perquisite calculation and other salary / Income-Tax calculations.

Available for various Users

  1. Professional (only for TDS purpose)
  2. Corporate (for up to 100 employees with computation)
  3. Institutional (for unlimited employees with computation)
  4. Web TDS (Banks/PSUs/Corporates having branches)

Forms Covered

  1. Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q and 27EQ (TDS/TCS statements)
  2. Form 16, 12BA, 16A and 27D (TDS/TCS Certificates)
  3. Form 27A and ITNS 281
  4. ITR 1 (SAHAJ) form
  5. Form 49B, 13, 15C, 15D, 15G and 15H (Blank formats)