Saral TDS

A highly innovative automated and user-friendly software, Saral TDS incorporates all the major changes making it the most reliable software in the industry. Filing of with the use of Saral TDS software, one can file the returns as per the provisions of IT Act.

Saral Income Tax

Saral IncomeTax is a software, which helps to file Income Tax Return and Audit Report Return as per the schema which is given by ITD. The return prepared can be uploaded to ITD website on one click with access to all the details.

Saral GST

A highly innovative automated and user friendly solution, Saral GST incorporates all the features of GST return filing making it the most reliable software in the industry. Saral GST software covers all your needs for GST return filing for GST laws in India.

Saral Tax Office

Saral TaxOffice is a Taxation Software Solution that helps CAs automate all the activities related to Tax Compliance and Back office. It is simple and user-friendly.

Saral Sign

Saral Sign a simple software to Digitize your document signing and helps you to sign in bulk on any form of a document with an option to secure the file with a password and email the document after digitally signing.

Saral PayPack

The complete payroll solution, right from Attendance Punch to Payslip generation which is highly customizable. Saral PayPack is built with the latest technology to make it powerful, yet easy-to-use.

Saral Accounts

A single solution to cater to all the needs of accounting i.e from ledger creation to voucher entry to books of account to final report of balance sheet. Complete Accounting system from voucher entry to final statements.

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